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The Top 10 List – Frightened Rabbit

It’s time once again to take a long look at the body of work of a band the common guy contributors consider one of the best bands running. In the latest installment of our Top 10 Songs series, the common guys have assembled their favorites from Scottish band, Frightened Rabbit. It’s still hard for me … Continue reading

The Top 10 List – The National

****This blog entry was created by commonshawn and posted to the site by commonmac.**** The Official Unofficial Official List of the Best Songs by The National: This was a really interesting list to make, for a few reasons. I’ve never had a favorite The National song, I knew what the top 20 (or turns out, 25) … Continue reading

The Top 10 List – The National

****The following post was created by a special guest blogger who we will refer to as commonsam.**** 1) “Fake Empire” – This song is what started it all for me. If I had not watched a particular episode of Chuck, I would have gone down the path of liking such bands as Goo Goo Dolls, … Continue reading

The Top 10 List – The National

The assignment seemed, on its surface, relatively straightforward and simple: Listen back to the lengthy catalog of music produced by a band out of Ohio called The National and create a Top 10 List. If you asked someone with little knowledge of the band, or even someone who considers themselves a mild to moderate fan, … Continue reading

Top Ten Clapton Songs

Trying to determine the definitive list from Eric Clapton’s wide-ranging collection of outstanding songs is a great challenge. The man has been behind some of the most amazing songs ever written and performed over his 4+ decade career. From early beginnings as a key member of lesser known bands The Yardbirds and John Mayall & … Continue reading

The Best of 2012 Music Mix

For the last 3 years, I’ve compiled a best of the year mix of music. By no means is this a unique idea as everyone and their mom publishes these things but it’s a fun way to document music that had an impact on the overall year. My rules, taken from a friend’s original idea, … Continue reading

Another Led Zeppelin Top 10 List

Due to the nature and gravity of putting together a top 10 list of Led Zeppelin songs, we decided to both take an attempt. The differences were fewer than I would have expected, but enough to have some interesting converation over a cold beer while listening to the bar play their 3rd straight Coldplay song … Continue reading

Led Zeppelin Top 10 List

It’s been a long time since the last Top Ten music list and, honestly, no better way to kick it back into gear than with, arguably, the greatest band of all time. Taking on this endeavor has been incredibly enjoyable as it’s presented an opportunity to completely immerse myself in Led Zeppelin. The variety of … Continue reading

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