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Song of the Day – 2/27/16

How about some catchy solo work from the brains behind The Who. “Let My Love Open the Door” – Pete Townshend – Empty Glass – 1980 Advertisements

Song of the Day – 10/17/15

I think this is an underrated track from The Who. “5:15” – The Who – Quadrophenia – 1973

Song of the Day – 3/25/14

I heard this song on the radio today and realized it had been too long since this band had landed a spot here. “My Generation” – The Who – My Generation – 1965

Song of the Day – 1/11/13

Today we’re going classic rock style for the song of the day. Before electing to allow their sonsg to become the theme music for CBS’ myriad of CSI shows, The Who recorded some incredible tunes. Definitely on a short list of bands that would have been pretty incredible to see live during their prime. Instead, … Continue reading

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