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Song of the Day – 8/29/16

This band still holds on to its position as one of the Top 5 favorite bands of the last couple decades. “Next Girl” – The Black Keys – Brothers – 2010 Advertisements

Song of the Day – 9/27/15

This is the 1,000th Song of the Day and, while the common guys have not been as consistent getting this posted daily as they were back during the first 100 days, it’s still quite an impressive feat. We’ve featured 726 different artists from 65 different years with a heavy emphasis on songs from the last … Continue reading

Song of the Day – 10/10/14

Today was the longest training run in advance of an upcoming half marathon and I’d like to give a shout out to this band for getting this common guy through the duration of the run. “Ten Cent Pistol” – The Black Keys – Brothers – 2010

Song of the Day – 3/12/14

It’s been far too long since this band has made an appearance in this space. “Girl Is on My Mind” – The Black Keys – Rubber Factory – 2004

Song of the Day – 11/14/13

Back when this album first came out, I had my reservations since as a duo The Black Keys are near perfection. Would one half of the duo be able to deliver on his own? Yep. “When the Night Comes” – Dan Auerbach – Keep It Hid – 2009

Song of the Day – 1/9/13

It’s ridiculously cold in Minneapolis today and I woke up wishing I would have slept in a sweatshirt and stocking cap. One of those days when you wonder why people live here. Today’s song of the day helps break the winter doldrums. The Black Keys are one of today’s best bands going and, before the … Continue reading

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