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Song of the Day – 8/24/15

This has been a huge year for this local band. Somehow I’ve seen them live 4 or 5 times without even seeking them out. Good for them. “South” – Hippo Campus – South (EP) – 2015 Advertisements

Song of the Day – 8/7/15

Really impressed by the sound of this band. “Victims & Things” – Actual Wolf – Actual Wolf – 2013

Song of the Day – 5/31/15

Going with a Minnesota band today. They miss more often than hit for me but this song has always resonated with me. “There’s So Much Energy In Us” – Cloud Cult – Light Chasers – 2010

Song of the Day – 3/2/14

Credit to an ex-girlfriend for introducing me to this band back in college. I actually hadn’t heard the live version below before searching through Youtube today. Pretty sweet rendition. “Things We Do” – Indigenous – Indigenous – 1998

Song of the Day – 1/4/14

Hard to believe something this soulful can come from a dude that looks like a cross between Paul Giamatti and Meatloaf. Really like this track. “Lady, You Shot Me” – Har Mar Superstar – Bye Bye 17 – 2013

Song of the Day – 9/26/13

We’ve gone nearly 9 months without a song from perhaps the most famous Minnesota musician of all time. (OK, 2nd most famous…I suppose Dylan deserves some credit here.) “Purple Rain” – Prince and The Revolution – Purple Rain – 1984

Song of the Day – 5/17/13

It’s been awhile since we went with a band with Minnesota ties. This album is really solid. Definitely one of those albums perfect to zone out and reflect on a life that could have been. “Cry” – Gayngs – Relayted – 2010

Song of the Day – 4/20/13

This song is almost guaranteed a spot on my best of 2013 music mix. It’s one that came out last year but I’ve grown to love it over the last 4 months. The version below is a live recording from The Current. “After You” – Chastity Brown – Back-Road Highways – 2012

Song of the Day – 4/14/13

Today’s feature comes from a local hip-hop group called Heiruspecs. Credit to a college buddy, Moon, on this one as he went to high school with a few of these guys. High quality stuff. “5ves” – Heiruspecs – A Tiger Dancing – 2004

Song of the Day – 3/3/13

Our weekend of local artist features wraps up with a MN band that took off in 2012. After building up a strong following within the state and regionally, Trampled by Turtles seemed to explode with a hugely popular album and an endless touring schedule. They should give a slight nod to Mumford and Sons as … Continue reading

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