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Song of the Day – 3/22/15

We’ll wrap up college basketball’s greatest weekend of the year with another Jock Jams classic. “Get Ready for This” – 2 Unlimited – Get Ready! – 1992 Advertisements

Song of the Day – 3/21/15

Easily the greatest intro music of all time. “Sirius” – The Alan Parsons Project – Sirius – 1982

Song of the Day – 3/20/15

This one takes me back to high school. I’m fairly confident you can still hear this song at most NBA games even 30 years after it originally came out. “It Takes Two” – Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two – 1988

Song of the Day – 3/19/15

And it begins… “The Game” – Jurassic 5 – Quality Control – 2000

Song of the Day – 3/23/14

And to wrap up the March Madness inspired basketball related music odyssey, the classic intro music utilized by CBS. “CBS NCAA Basketball Theme” – Bob Christianson – CBS NCAA Basketball Theme – 1992

Song of the Day – 3/22/14

I’m as surprised as you are…R. Kelly made Song of the Day. “I Believe I Can Fly” – R. Kelly – Space Jam: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture – 1996

Song of the Day – 3/21/14

As a kid, I don’t know if there was an album I played more frequently than Jock Jams, Vol. 1. It was the quintessential sporting event soundtrack so it seems appropriate we feature one of the best tracks included on that album. “The Power” – Snap! – World Power – 1990

Song of the Day – 3/20/14

March Madness is finally upon us so, in staying true to tradition, we’ll feature different basketball related tracks over the next 4 days. “He Got Game” – Public Enemy – He Got Game (Soundtrack) – 1998

Song of the Day – 3/24/13

We’ve arrived at the final day of the greatest weekend of the year. The 2nd Round is about to come to a close so, fittingly, we’ll feature THE song of March Madness. “One Shining Moment” – Luther Vandross – CBS Sports NCAA Coverage – 2003

Song of the Day – 3/23/13

Day 3 of basketball-related song of the day madness. “Basketball” – Kurtis Blow – Ego Trip – 1984

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