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Song of the Day – 11/22/16

Sometimes this spot opens up to classic 90’s jams. “No Diggity” – Blackstreet – Another Level – 1996 Advertisements

Bar Sitting Position Commontary

When selecting where at the bar you’re going to sit, it’s important to consider the options. Clearly not an exhaustive list (look for a Part 2 at some point), but here’s a couple of the favorites. For illustrative purposes, let’s use a standar long L-shaped bar, with some high tables or ledges behind. 1st up: … Continue reading

Super Bowl Commontary – slightly different twist

Super Bowl Commontary – slightly different twist Catalog of my favorite comments from non-football fans and guests from this year’s Super Bowl. Notice I said non-football fans, not girls. No judgment saying girls are the only non-football fans that watch the Super Bowl…but yes, they were girls. During the national anthems and other opening songs: … Continue reading

Syracuse at Louisville – running commontary

Highlights from the Syracuse – Lousville game college bball game Saturday: So today’s announcers are the always-out-of-breath Mike Patrick, and the far-too-laid-back Len Elmore. I’ll probably be proven wrong, but based on what I say last year (basically the same team) and the few minutes I’ve seen this year, Louisville may be one of the worst … Continue reading

Night Out with the Top 10 Movie Characters of All Time

Now that the Oscar nominations are out, it made me think of the top movie characters of all time. And because it didn’t make sense to make another list, I thought I would imagine hanging out with the guys on an existing Top 10 list from a reputable website. If I was friends with these guys, … Continue reading

Belgium/GermanyFebruary 17th, 2017