Why start a blog when the online blog marketplace is already saturated with so many other options?  A few years back we launched a site with the primary intention to write about stuff that actually interested us. We wanted to have a space to creatively comment on (judge) various aspects of our current pop culture landscape. After realizing our blog was in major need of a creative overhaul, we created this revamped version to revitalize the brand.

What’s with the name of the site? Are you aware the spelling and punctuation utilized is appalling? Let’s handle the 2nd question first. Yes, the spelling and punctuation decisions were consciously made by the collective authors of this blog. This Guys Commontary signifies there will be two authors handling all writing within this blog and we have a take on pretty much everything when it comes to music, sports, beer, and other pop culture phenomena. We do not claim to be experts on well anything but will instead offer a common guy approach to insightful commentary. So the punctuation inaccuracies indicate there are two of us and the misspelling speaks to the fact opinions offered come from the perspective of two pretty common dudes. Get off our back grammar police.

Why should I be interested in your blog when I have much better things to do with my life? We’ll easily answer this one with a series of our own questions. Are you curious to expand your knowledge of Bob Dylan’s work including bumping “The Hurricane” from the top spot on your best of list? Are you considering a trip to Belgium and need to know the perfect beers to consume both pre and post Fritland visits? Do you often find yourself wishing somone would spend hours dissecting the NCAA tournament comparing each team to a potential dating partner? If you found yourself nodding “yes” to any of these questions or if you just stumbled upon this site after a mistaken google seach for “thistle and dysentery”, we think you’ll enjoy what you find.



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Belgium/GermanyFebruary 17th, 2017
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