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The Top 10 List – The National

****The following post was created by a special guest blogger who we will refer to as commonsam.****

1) “Fake Empire” – This song is what started it all for me. If I had not watched a particular episode of Chuck, I would have gone down the path of liking such bands as Goo Goo Dolls, Train, and Nickelback.

2) “Apartment Story” – Everytime I would listen to this song, I would picture a group of people hanging out in the winter, drinking and laughing at some old warehouse style apartment….then I watched the video and I wasn’t too far off.

3) “Mr. November” – The onstage antics of two great shows are what give this song the bronze medal

4) “Secret Meeting” – Beautifully written song with a great chorus

5) “Bloodbuzz Ohio” – Liked this song all along, but listening to it on the way back to Duluth after a long rainy day of hiking has this etched into the top 10

6) “Humiliation” – Just an overall tight song both instrumentally and lyrically

7) “Graceless” – I will recreate this video at some point in my life

8) “All the Wine” – Found this gem on one of the “undiscovered” albums. Great beat, great lyrics. If there is ever a wine day again, this will be the Wine Day anthem

9) “England” – Great build up on this song, and the brass does not hurt the song either

10) “American Mary” – Just a nice chill song. Listened to it at that Excelsior & Grand Starbucks where I watched a lot of “American Mary’s” stop in from CorePower Yoga



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